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Congratulations Sue, Sam and Jai!!

Overview: Remi is a 16H Grey 6-year old Oldenberg Riverman granddaughter (Click here for pedigree). You can view video footage of Remi by clicking on the following link: Remi Videos. USEF #5115274.

Show Mileage and Potential: Remi has show mileage at 3' in the hunters at a variety of venues, including HITS Saugerties. We believe she would be a competitive mount for a child/adult rider who is looking for a sane, sensible partner. 

Under saddle:  Remi is a quiet, easy-going, kick ride who is soft in the bridle and well-broke.  She is kind, forgiving, dependable and very honest.  Remi is a point and shoot ride who has three comfy gaits that are easy to sit and she is easy to stay with over fences.  She is a very honest, willing, and consistent mare that helps a rider build confidence.  Remi is a little bit of a leg ride, that is easy to frame, handy, adjustable and responsive.   This mare has a great brain, is unflappable, simple and easy to ride and she has a very cute consistent jump.  

Trainability: Remi is a smart mare that learns quickly, aims to please, retains training well and is the same horse every day.

Preferred Rider: Remi is very brave and dependable and could be an exceptional fit for a timid rider who needs to build confidence.  She could also be well suited for an adult looking to move up, or for a child coming off a pony. 

On the Ground:  This laid back young lady has flawless ground manners.  She clips, bathes, loads and ships perfectly.

Temperament: Remi loves treats and attention and she is a lot of fun to have in the barn.  This agreeable mare is sweet and affectionate, with a playful side

Program: Remi is currently being ridden 5-6 times a week with 1-2 of those rides being training rides.  Like all our horses, Remi receives as much turnout as weather allows which she enjoys. She is content being turned out alone or with another mild-mannered pasture mate.