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Carricon: 6-Year Old Bay Gelding

Carricon is a 16.1H (almost 16.2H) imported 6 Year-Old Holsteiner Warmblood gelding by Carrico.  You can view Carricon's pedigree by clicking on the following link:  (Carricon's pedigree). You can view videos of Carricon by clicking on the following link:  Carricon Videos Basic set of radiographs available.  For more information or to schedule an apppointment, please call 845-361-4171 or e-mail us by clicking the following link: e-mail USEF #5379028

Show Mileage and Potential:  Carricon is currently showing at 3'3" in the pre-green hunters and derbies, and is demonstrating a lot of promise and talent.  He is eligible pre-green this year and next year and we believe he will be ready to move up to 3'-6" before the end of the summer.  Under the guidance of a professional, we believe Carricon could be quite successful with a junior or an amateur rider.  At home, Carricon is confidently schooling over 3'-6" and has been schooled over 4' to 4'-6".  We believe he has more than enough talent to eventually move up to 3'-6" or higher at the shows and be competitive.

Under saddle:  Carricon is very willing and he jumps everything the first time he is asked.  This young fellow has a great canter and he jumps in good form.  Carricon is very comfortable under saddle, he has a nice large stride and he'll jump from anywhere.  Under tack, his gaits are steady and easy to sit.  He is easy to frame, adjustable and responsive.  He takes his rider and is easy to stay with over fences.  Carricon is a smart young man that is eager to please and he has a good work ethic.

Trainability:  Carricon learns quickly and he is extremely willing to do what is asked of him.  He has a nice big step.  His lead changes are installed, but will need a little more polish.  He has been brought along correctly and slowly and his foundation includes plenty of flatwork.

Preferred Rider:  We believe Carricon would be a nice fit for a rider who is looking for a typey youngster that they can develop and move up the rankings.

On the Ground:   Carricon is well behaved and sweet.  He is an affectionate, curious young man that is not spooky.   Carricon is very tolerant with a playful, fun personality.  His favorite treat is Wheat Thins and he adores bananas.

Temperament:   Carricon is extremely kind and willing.  He is forgiving, brave, dependable and honest.

Program:   Carricon is schooled 1-2 times a week and is hacked on the other days.  His show prep routine is straightforward with a ten minute longe in the morning. Carricon enjoys his daily turnout.