Sheffield Farms, Inc.

Performance Show Hunters & Derby Horses

Middletown, NY

Sheffield Farms is a small, privately owned, show hunter sales barn.

Our objective is to purchase young, talented hunter prospects and develop them for the junior and amatuer markets.  We seek out prospects that are "ammie" friendly while also being fancy enough to appeal to the discriminating professional. As buyers, our first preference is to support the North American (NA) market and the NA breeder, but we will shop abroad if the NA market dictates.  Our youngsters are thoroughly vetted and radiographed.

Our preference is to purchase talented, gently broke 3 and 4 year old prospects.  3 year olds are turned out to the field and allowed to grow up until they are 4 years of age. 

4-year old prospects live in the barn and are brought along gently, carefully and correctly; at first on the flat, and eventually over small fences.  Our young prospects are introduced to the performance show ring at the lowest levels only after they have a solid foundation at home which can take 6-12 months or more, depending on the individual. We don't believe in cutting corners or rushing our prospects.  Our goal is to develop a confident, well mannered hunter that will be a joy to own and show.

Our horses are typically offered for sale only after they have accumulated a successful show record in the 3' divisions.  Our best prospects are often retained until they have experience competing in the 3'3" or 3'6" divisions with good results. It is not uncommon for our horses to remain in our program for 2-3 years and our best prospects may be retained a bit longer before they are offered for sale.